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KISSAIR Wooden Frame Fireplace, TV Stand Wood Mantel with LED Flames, Fireplace Console Cabinet, Remote Control&Touch Screen,750W-1500W-Brown

KISSAIR Wooden Frame Fireplace, TV Stand Wood Mantel with LED Flames, Fireplace Console Cabinet, Remote Control&Touch Screen,750W-1500W-Brown

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KISSAIR wood electric fireplace mantel TV cabinet, which can provide you with a warm space and make your room warm as spring in the cold winter. Heat settings:750-1500 W, provide supplementary heat for a room of 400 square feet. The safety device for overheating protection provides effective safety guarantee for your baby and pet.

Product specifications:
Color: Brown
Material: wood, metal, tempered glass.
Heat: 750W-1500W
Heat area: 400 sq ft
Input voltage: 120V.
Mode of transportation: divided into two packages: TV cabinet mantel and fireplace core

Product features:
Flame speed: five speed settings, from V1 to V5.
Timing function: it can be timed for 1-8 hours, so you can sleep peacefully.
Heat setting: 750 W (low grade); 1500 W (high-grade)
Remote control: directly adjust brightness and flame color, including on/off, heat setting and flame adjustment.
Safety and environmental protection: There is no need to worry about air pollution in the electronic fireplace, and seven real 3D flame effects make the product more eye-catching
【Modern Design】 This brown electric fireplace TV cabinet is made of high-grade medium density fiberboard and durable laminated board, which combines modern and retro elements to make this wooden fireplace look fashionable and noble and become a beautiful ornament in your home.
【Large Storage Space】 This wooden fireplace provides a lot of space for your belongings. It can accommodate a TV set with a width of 55 inches and a maximum weight of 70 pounds. The open shelf at the top can be used for placing cable TV boxes and DVD players, and the cupboard doors at both sides can also be used for storing books, ornaments and electronic products.
【Remote Control】 This product is equipped with a remote control. You can control and adjust the flame brightness and color by pressing the corresponding button. Seven buttons can achieve different effects, including on/off and heat setting. You can operate it just by lying on the sofa, and you don't have to get up again.
【Multifunction】 The touch screen on the fireplace is easy to operate. There are two heating modes, 750W and 1500W. With a silent fan, the noise is less than 40dB, and the heating area can reach 400 square feet. It also has a timer function, which can be timed for 1-8 hours, so that you can sleep at ease.
【Safety & Environmental Protection】 Real burning wood may cause fire or risk and pollute air quality. And our electronic fireplace doesn't have to worry about this problem at all. The magical and realistic 3 D flame effect not only satisfies your visual experience, but also doesn't need to clean up the ashes after burning real wood, saving time and effort and keeping your home warm and secure.
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