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KISSAIR 5 in 1 Multi-function Electric Grill, Smart Push Button Control Panel, LED Display, Precise Temperature Control, 5QT Smart Air Fryer Grill Combo, Easy to Hold & Clean, 1450W - Black

KISSAIR 5 in 1 Multi-function Electric Grill, Smart Push Button Control Panel, LED Display, Precise Temperature Control, 5QT Smart Air Fryer Grill Combo, Easy to Hold & Clean, 1450W - Black

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This electric grill pan from KISSAIR realizes a 5-in-1 multifunctional design, which is not only capable of single-ingredient grilling, but also supports air frying, grilling, dehydrating, baking cakes, and separate air frying functions. Whether it's for everyday simple cooking or creative cuisine, the one machine can meet your diverse cooking needs. The size of 13.82 "D x 10.28 "W x 17.83 "H is perfect for indoor use, or you can take it outdoors for camping.
The unit is equipped with a smart button control panel and LED display to make operation more convenient. Users can easily select different cooking modes and temperature settings to enjoy a precise and convenient cooking process.
The wide temperature range from 86°F to 450°F provides you with more flexible cooking options. Precise temperature control ensures that ingredients are cooked to perfection to meet your delicate taste and color requirements.
Ear guards on both sides of the unit make it easier to reach and place. The left-right symmetrical design is ergonomic and ensures comfortable carrying and operation.
Utilizing non-stick technology, food is less likely to adhere to the surface, making cleaning easier. No need for laborious brushing, just simple wiping to keep the appliance clean. Make your cooking process more pleasurable and enjoy the pleasure of food with ease.
  • 🥂【Advanced Heating Technology】This air fryer introduces advanced cyclone centrifugal technology, equipped with two heating elements with curve design and power up to 1450W W. During operation, it can realize 360-degree hot air circulation and ensure uniform coverage of high temperature. Its rapid heating cycle can reach 500 degrees Fahrenheit, which increases the heating speed by 20% compared with the traditional baking tray, thus shortening your cooking time more quickly.

  • 🍤【All-In-One】This indoor cooking all-in-one is designed to simplify your kitchen experience. Not only has the functions of barbecue and air frying, but also is good at air drying, baking, preheating and dehydration. It's easy to enjoy different foods every day. In addition, we provide a wealth of recipes to help you draw more cooking inspiration.

  • 🍗【Large Capacity】The well-designed electric oven is compact without losing the atmosphere and will not occupy too much kitchen space. The internal capacity of 5 quarts is enough to meet the dining needs of 4-6 people. It can accommodate 2 steaks, 4-5 pounds of chicken, 6-10 chicken wings, or 400-600 grams of French fries. It is an ideal choice for entertaining family and friends!

  • 🍟【Intelligent Operation】LCD interface is simple and easy to use, which clearly displays cooking time, temperature, reminder and error information. Users can easily set personalized preset, with countdown function during cooking. The unique power-off memory function can save the current working mode for at least 15 minutes, and even if the equipment is powered off, it can automatically continue cooking after being powered on again, improving the user experience and life happiness index.

  • 🍔【Healthy Cooking】The indoor electric oven adopts die-casting aluminum baking tray to minimize the fumes during barbecue. Combined with air frying technology, it can bring more crispy taste to your food in a few minutes, and the oil consumption is reduced by 75% compared with the traditional frying method. The detachable components of the oven are easy to clean, which can be directly wiped with a wet rag or washed in a dishwasher, making the maintenance easier.
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