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KISSAIR Nugget Ice Maker Countertop with Soft Chewable Pellet Ice, Portable Ice Machine with Handle, 34lbs/24H, Black

KISSAIR Nugget Ice Maker Countertop with Soft Chewable Pellet Ice, Portable Ice Machine with Handle, 34lbs/24H, Black

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KISSAIR Nugget Ice Maker produces fast, flavorful nugget ice instead of hard cubes. With its compact size(11.22(D)*8.50(W)*12.60(H)) and modern design, It comes equipped with a basket and scoop, and even has a transparent window so you can monitor the ice-making process. It's perfect for home or office use. Fill the reservoir with water and press the button. It cleans itself for easy maintenance. Produces 34 pounds of ice in 24 hours. Low-noise and perfect for cocktails, sodas, and other beverages.

Crafting Delicious Ice Rapidly: The KISSAIR nugget ice maker swiftly produces a complete basket of delightful ice within 10 minutes. Whether it's for entertaining guests or craving a refreshing beverage at home, this ice maker efficiently generates a full basket of ice, ensuring easy access to chilled drinks anytime, anywhere.
Serenely Efficient and User-Oriented: Our countertop nugget ice maker excels in cooling performance while operating at a noise level below 50dB. It features indicator lights that signal when water levels are low or the ice basket is full. The clear lid offers visibility into the ice-making process, enabling you to track progress and ensure a constant supply of ice. Bid farewell to the hassle of dealing with empty ice trays!
Simplified Operation: Creating ice has never been simpler! To begin, fill the reservoir with water and press the central button—no intricate settings, timers, or programs to navigate. Within moments, relish fresh ice effortlessly.
Eco-Conscious Material & Reduced Noise: Prioritizing sustainability and a tranquil ambiance, our ice maker is ETL certified and crafted from materials that pose no harm to the environment. Embracing eco-friendly materials ensures a safe ice-making procedure and minimizes the carbon footprint. Additionally, the cutting-edge technology integrated into its design guarantees minimal noise disruption, enabling you to savor your ice in peace.
Effortless Self-Cleaning: Maintaining your ice maker is hassle-free with its self-cleaning feature. A simple press of a button ensures a thorough cleanse, offering a hygienic ice-making experience without any inconvenience.

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