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KISSAIR Outdoor Barbecue Artifact, 2+1 Burner LPG Barbecue Grill (31000BTU), Side Burner Blessing, Stainless Steel, Black

KISSAIR Outdoor Barbecue Artifact, 2+1 Burner LPG Barbecue Grill (31000BTU), Side Burner Blessing, Stainless Steel, Black

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For outdoor gatherings with family and friends, the KISSAIR grill is the perfect choice. Full firepower ensures that the ingredients are heated evenly and presents an attractive and delicious taste. The stylish black appearance and stainless steel material are not only beautiful but also durable. The double-layer shelf design makes it convenient for you to prepare ingredients; the storage rack and thermometer are full of practical functions. Whether it's a family gathering or a get-together with friends, the KISSAIR barbecue grill allows you to enjoy outdoor barbecue and leave unforgettable memories.
【Excellent combustion system】 Unique 2+1 combustion design, with main fire up to 22,000 BTU/Hr and auxiliary fire 9,000 BTU/Hr, delivering firepower quickly and evenly, allowing the ingredients to lock in deliciousness in an instant and enjoy the delicious food instantly.
【Closed fresh-locking technology】 The closed cooking structure cleverly locks every drop of delicious juice in the ingredients to ensure that it is not lost during the cooking process, while adding layers of texture to the food, making the barbecue more delicious.
【Double-layer design, comprehensive functions】Double-layer shelf design, the upper layer can be used to defrost and preheat ingredients, and the lower layer can be used for direct grilling, allowing you to prepare ingredients more conveniently without having to change positions frequently.
【Moderate size, convenient storage】 KISSAIR outdoor barbecue grill has a moderate size of 41.7339.3720.08 inches, which is not only easy to carry, but also equipped with a Yanshen storage rack, allowing you to easily place spices, tableware and other items when grilling to satisfy you various needs.
【Safe material, safe operation】 The widened handle design effectively prevents burns during operation; the stainless steel material is durable and corrosion-resistant, giving you more peace of mind when grilling outdoors.
【Four-wheel portability, move with you】 The four-wheel design makes the KISSAIR outdoor barbecue more portable and easier to move. Whether it is picnics, camping or family gatherings, you can easily take it to your destination with just a push and enjoy the outdoors anytime, anywhere. BBQ fun.
KISSAIR outdoor barbecue grill is not only a barbecue tool, but also a powerful assistant for your outdoor life. It brings you a different barbecue experience with its excellent performance, stylish design and practical functions. Whether you are a newbie to grilling or a seasoned enthusiast, KISSAIR outdoor grill is your best choice!

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